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Rules & Regulations



It is the expressed intention of the Management of Harmony Village to provide and maintain the highest standards of safety, appearance and conduct for the health and welfare of all the park residents. Therefore, the Management reserves the right to post and enforce additional rules and regulations as the case may be. Furthermore, these rules and regulations may be amended for the mutual benefit of all park residents.

The Management is not responsible for loss or inconvenience due to fire, theft, accident or acts of God. Violation of any ordinance or law of City, County or State will not be tolerated. No acts or misdemeanors shall be committed which would place the Management or owners of these premises in violation of any law or ordinance of the City, County or State.

We are constantly inspected by Governmental Agencies and are held responsible for the condition of each and every home in the park. Therefore, each rule and regulation set forth herein will be strictly enforced. Violations of the park rules and regulations could be cause for eviction of resident by the Management of this park.


In order to maintain a uniform appearance in the park, no changes or improvements to the site or the structure of the home will be allowed without the written permission of the Management. This includes planting of shrubs, trees, gardens or flower beds; also the construction of fences, carports, awnings or sheds and patios.

At least once a month the resident must inspect the exterior of his/her home and make repairs as needed to siding, skirting, screen doors, steps, sheds, window screens and shutters.

Once a year it is the responsibility of the resident to wash the exterior of the unit. This should be completed prior to July 4th of the year.


Trees, shrubs and flowers may be planted with park approval, but once planted they become part of the site and cannot be removed without park permission. Residents are responsible for maintaining these items.

At the time the unit was set on the lot, the park seeded the yard, and it is the responsibility of the resident to make sure that the lawn is properly maintained. Management will cut grass. It is the resident's responsibility to provide the following:
1. Water lawn as necessary to insure a continued growth and prevent burn out during Summer months.
2. It is resident's responsibility to keep grass clear of all obstacles, yard chairs, hoses and other outside items, so that
Management can cut grass without interruption.

Since sheds are allowed on the site, there will be not storage of any kind allowed outside the home or shed. The only exception will be patio furniture, chairs and grills. These items must be neat in appearance and kept in good repair at all times.

Firewood must be stored neatly and BEHIND your home against the rear outside wall, i.e. the wall opposite the front street. Firewood does not include tree trunks, limbs, branches, etc.

The wood must be cut into pieces small enough to fit into your fireplace and must be stacked to conform to the following MAXIMUM allowable dimensions: 2 feet wide by 3 feet high by 7 feet long. (This approximates one face cord of wood).

It is the residents responsibility to make sure that during the Winter months, snow is removed from all walks and driveways. If a fire hydrant is located on the premises, snow must be removed from around it.


A storage shed may be purchased and erected on the site. However, the shed must be purchased from the Management. Various sizes and models will be available. All sheds must be made of wood and painted to match the house. The resident must make sure that the storage shed is kept in good order and if rusting occurs, it must be painted as necessary. The storage shed is to be used to store hand tools, patio furniture, bikes and toys and other such properties. The storage of highly flammable materials such as paint, gasoline, oil or other like properties, IS NOT PERMITTED.


Water and sewer is furnished by the Village of Wauconda at residents expense. Electricity is provided by Commonwealth Edison (ComEd). Natural gas service is provided by NICOR Gas. Telephone service is provided by the Barrington office of Ameritech.

Residents must make their own arrangements for these services. The park requires that all heating and cooking units must be operated by either natural gas or electricity. Water inlet lines must be wrapped with electrical heat tape. Maintenance of this tape is the residents responsibility.

The resident will be responsible for the cost of repairs to his/her sewer line if it becomes clogged. All items of refuse should be placed in garbage containers. No poles or stakes are to be driven into the ground because of underground utility lines. Meters or other equipment must not be tampered with. In case of trouble, notify the utility company or the park manager. WARNING, the park is equipped with underground electric lines of 12,000 volts which can be highly dangerous if contacted.

The Management reserves the right to remove any items including but not limited to sheds, trees and shrubs, located in or on a utility easement, without obligation to repair or replace same or for damage incurred as a result of the removal.

If service or repair is needed on utility hook-ups that are considered the residents property, such as sewer connections, water lines, electrical, etc., the resident is responsible. However, if such repair is not effected within a reasonable period of time, the Management will handle the problem and charge the resident for labor plus materials. Management's obligation is limited to those utilities located outside the home, and only from the point of hook-up. Management will be happy to answer any questions regarding any trouble that may occur.



The sewer pipes in and under your home are various sizes of A.B.S. and PVC schedule 40 plastic pipe. The sewer pipes under your home are 3" with clean outs at major elbows and drops to make rodding easy, just in case of a clog. NOTE: The resident is responsible for clogs in the pipes.


There as a shut off valve where the connection is made to your home, located inside just ahead of the city water meter connection, located in your hot water tank closet. Both valves shut off clockwise. Remember, if you add a water softener, filter, or change the water systems, you are responsible to wrap the pipes. Plug in your heat tape for the Winter and unplug it in the Spring. The water and sewer service is supplied by the Village of Wauconda.


Natural gas is supplied by NICOR Gas. Black pipe or copper pipe is run just below the ground and under your home.


Electricity is supplied by Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd). The service is 220 volt, 110 volts per leg, 100 Amp or 200 Amp, depending on what your home requires. There is a main breaker in the outside meter pedestal that supplies your home.

If your home should have a loss of power, first try resetting the circuit breakers in the house (push - off, then push on), then on the pedestal outside. If you overload the system and cause the wires or circuit breakers to fail, you are responsible to pay for the repairs.

NOTE: Before digging, submit a sketch to the Park Office of all shrubs, decks, porches, carports, sheds and other structures. This drawing must be approved by the Management prior to any construction, and may require a permit by the Village of Wauconda.


If during a service call, the problem is determined by the park Maintenance department to be the homeowner's responsibility, then the homeowner is expected to contact the appropriated local repairmen for their services. Park Manager has a list of recommended servicemen. Some of these type repairs are as follows but are not limited to the following:

Frozen Water Lines: Heat tape (cash deposit required); New heat tape installed up to 20' (includes service call during regular hours); heat tape over 20' (per foot); plus extra (valves, fittings, etc.).

Charges to Pick Up: Appliances (per large appliance); Carpet; Bushes, trees, etc.;Building materials.

Other Services: Shed, Anchors, and Installation; Extra Concrete; Cleaning around home; Policing Pet Refuse.


Rubbish and like materials are collected as required each week, from two central rubbish collection areas provided by Management.


Each unit is allowed only two (2) motor vehicles. Trucks, campers, off-the-road vehicles, motor cycles/motor bikes, motor homes, boats, travel trailers, and other such vehicles are strictly forbidden in the park. The only exceptions are 3/4 ton pickups, custom vans, blazers and other such vehicles when used in lieu of cars for personal everyday use by the unit owner. Such vehicles cannot have recreational equipment, snow removal equipment, or other such equipment attached while in the park.

At no time may a car be parked on the street or lawn. Any violation will result in ticketing by legal authorities and the vehicle will be towed at owner's expense. Derelict and/or inoperable vehicles must NOT be stored in the park. They will be towed away.

Minor auto repairs may be performed in the space provided each resident for parking. Examples of minor repairs are: Changing a flat tire, tuning the engine, etc. Major repairs include brake jobs, repairing transmissions, pulling engines, removing parts of any engine, engine/transmission oil changes and so on. Major repairs are not allowed in the park.

The washing of cars is allowed only in the parking space provided each resident.

All autos must be registered with the Village of Wauconda and a sticker will be issued for each vehicle. Any resident vehicle not having a Wauconda sticker will be removed from the park. It is the responsibility of residents to direct their guest to designated visitor parking areas to avoid the removal of their vehicles.

Mini bikes, snowmobiles, terrain vehicles, motor scooters and similar vehicles must not be stored or ridden within the park. This includes the undeveloped area of the park. Violations will be handled by the local police department and Park Management.
Take special note of the following:

** If you have more than two (2) registered vehicles, and your lot does not accommodate the additional vehicle, you must remove it.
** If your guest vehicles are to be in the Visitor Parking Area more than 24 hours, they must register at the office.


All residents will respect the rights and privileges of other residents. If any resident feels his/her rights have been violated, he may register a written complaint with the Park Management. All complaints will be handled on a one-on-one basis as quickly as possible. All violation of local laws and ordinances must be reported to the Wauconda Police Department.

Objectionable noise will not be permitted in the park at any time. This rule will be particularly enforced between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

No use of guns, B.B. guns, bows and arrows, darts or the participation of any other outdoor activities that are considered dangerous or hazardous in nature by Park Management will not be allowed within the boundaries of the park by residents.

Clothing or other items will not be allowed to be hung outside of the unit at any time.
Trespassing through the other home sites will not be allowed when walking to the office, recreation building or other common areas.

Complaints and/or violation of any of the Rules and Regulations must be presented to Park Management in written form before any action can be taken or considered. Complainant's name will not be given out at any time.


No mobile home situated on the premises shall be used for dwelling purposes by more than the immediate family of the resident. Resident must get Management approval if he/she will be housing guests for a period of 14 days or more.

The residents will be held personally responsible for the actions of their guests during the time of stay and all park regulations will be adhered to.

Guests will park their cars in designated areas only.


Visiting children under 18 years of age must be in their homes by DUSK unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Children are not allowed to play on the street, neighboring lots, ponds or lakes, other homes or near construction equipment.

Visiting children are strictly forbidden to play in or around homes that are not occupied Parents will be held responsible for all damage done by their children to resident and park property. The Park Management will prosecute all offenders.



Due to the closeness of the units and for the health and safety of all the residents of the park, the following regulations will be strictly adhered to:

No pet will be left outside unless the resident is home, and then only for the purpose of discharging itself.
The resident will be required to keep the pet on their own site, and clean up after it once a day.
No pet will be allowed to run loose in the park at any time. Dogs will be allowed on a very exclusive basis, contact the Harmony Village Management for an explanation of our policy on dogs.
While walking the pet in the park, residents must have it on a leash and clean up after it.
No pet will be allowed outside after 9:00PM.
No pet will be allowed to disturb other residents in the park in any way, and no one will allow their pet to become a nuisance. ALL BARKING DOGS will immediately be taken inside the unit.
Violation of the above regulations will result in the owner having to remove the pet from the premises, or lease will be terminated and resident will have to move out of the park.


Mobile units will be allowed to move out of the Harmony Village as necessary, however, Harmony Village Management approval must be obtained in writing and under the following conditions:

The resident or moving company must put up a $1,000 cash bond with the Park before any work is started.
All rents must be paid up to date prior to the move.
A forwarding address must be left with the Park Manager, at the Harmony Village Office.
The name, address and proof of insurance must be supplied by the moving company.
The bond will be returned to the parties who put it up, within 72 hours after the home is fully moved out of the park, if the following conditions are met (all of which are the responsibility of the resident):

All scrap metal, boards, glass and miscellaneous rubbish is cleaned up and removed from the site.
That all bushes, plants and trees are left in good condition.
That all curbs, driveways and pads are left in good usable condition.
That all water mains, red heads and sewage pipes are in good working order.
That the lawn has not been damaged in any way or if damaged, repaired by resident.
We will inspect the site after the home is removed and notify the individual of any damage not properly repaired by the resident, allowing them 7 days to correct the damage or forfeit that portion of the bond needed top cover repairs.


No Garage Sales allowed.
For Sale Signs will be limited to 12' x 12" and only displayed inside the window of the home.
No advertising of any business activity whatsoever will be allowed.
Harmony Village reserves the right to the "first right of refusal" to purchase any unit that is for sale and Harmony Village will equal the price that the purchaser is willing to pay.


As part and parcel of these rules and regulations a lease has been executed between the parties and any violation of these rules and regulations will constitute a default in the lease between the parties.

The Lessee agrees to abide by these rules and regulations and the terms of the lease

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